Our Programs

Cultural Mentoring

The Cultural Mentoring Program is new and uniquely geared towards encouraging Black Youths to become socially responsible and productive community members in the Canadian environment. The program aim is to create mentorship relationships focused on a kaleidoscope of Caribbean and African cultures, history, Carnival arts, and business, micro-ventures and Caribbean and African Diaspora experiences.

Our program consists of three distinct stages: Foundation, Transition and Actualization. These stages will open the minds of the mentees and provide them with a window into their history and culture. This will help them understand and realize they have an origin rich in culture and tradition. The approach also introduces the importance of business, science and technology, wealth creation and familiarity with the Canadian justice system as well as community stability.

The Black Icons we choose to encapsulate into the program are men and women who faced unique challenges. Nevertheless, they were motivated and inspired along the way and overcame adversity to become remarkable individuals.


At its core, this Cultural Mentorship Program will transform the participants into CAN DO individuals! They will embrace the challenges faced and understand they can make a difference individually and collectively through hard work, commitment and determination.

Technology Training

After-school instructions to young girls and boys on how to use the computer software programming to construct web sites and other systems at a beginner to intermediate level.

Demonstration on how to use social media platforms, while engaging young people in discussing and understanding the benefits and pitfalls of using social media platforms.

Improving seniors understanding and use of current technologies and demonstrating how to integrate them productively into their everyday life. Discussions and demonstration on navigating the web in a safe and productive manner.

My Brothers Keeper

Visiting elderly persons suffering from limited mobility and providing them with opportunities to share their stories and reflect on life. Providing elderly persons suffering from loneliness by calling and visiting them frequently and engaging them in discussions.

Summer Harvest

Building a network of homeowners willing to set aside a portion of their back yard and garden to grow fresh vegetables and legumes for donation to food banks and distribution to needy families.


We look after the well-being of our community making available to them the services needed for spiritual growth and stability necessary to cultivate a fruitful existence.

  • Marriage

  • Funeral

  • Baptismal

  • Laying on Hands